The Gallatin River stream flow today is 304 c.f.s. at Gallatin Gateway, that is 30 cubic feet per second above than the 85 year average.

The Gallatin River has been fishing very good so far this Year.

The fishing has been great the 4 weeks especially on the Gallatin. The weather has been mild the last two weeks and Mr Fish has been hungry.   The overall fishing conditions have been above average for the last two weeks. With lot’s mild days with afternoon  temperatures above 32 degrees. We have had a good number of guide trips with lots of happy clients . I had a six year old young lady and a 10 year old young man and their mother on a trip and they all landed fish.Our guide trips have been producing lot’s of  fish for those that have ventured out. Because nymph fishing is the ticket on most days. You should be using your favorite Midge patterns, attractor Patterns , and rubber leg  Stone Fly patterns.

Their is a good Midge hatch and trout feeding on them almost every day.

The  Trout are in very predictable places and are looking for food, you just have to show it to them using a perfect presentation and they will grab it every time. The 1/2 day 4 hour mid-day trips on the Gallatin River are the most popular during the winter months, or the full day trips on the Madison or Gallatin for the more adventurous. We have everything you need to get you on some Wild Trout this winter while you are visiting Big Sky.

So if you are on a ski trip and need your Fly Fishing FIX

We can make it happen, just pick up the phone and call Wild Trout Outfitters and we will do what we do best (PUT PEOPLE ON FISH). Don’t forget to pinch your barbs down and practice catch and release, just love them and leave them in the river.


Tungsten Zebra Midge Black and Red #18, Brown Rubber legs #8, PT Bead Head #18. Flash Back PT #18, Gray and Olive RS-2 #18 & #20, Lightning Bug Gold, Silver and Pearl #18 , Copper John Red #18, Robbin Yellow #16.


Parachute Adams #16 & #18, C.D.C. Midge Adult Black #18 , Parachute Hare’s Ear #16 & #18, Griffiths Gnat #18 & #20.


Copper Zonker #6, Black Bugger Bead #6 , Bow River Bugger Olive & Black White Head #6 , Silvey’s Sculpin Black #2, Morrish Sculpin Olive #4.


The Madison is flowing at 971 c.f.s. at the Kirby Ranch ( just above the West Fork ) this is 21 c.f.s. above the 25 year average for this time of the year.

The Madison River

The fishing on the Madison River in the Walk Wade section( Quake Lake Outlet To Lyon’s Bridge) and all the way to Ennis will remain open YEAR ROUND from now on.The Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks have Decided.Is this a good Idea ?? Only time will tell. The F.W.P. has made this section all artificial lures only as well. No More live Bait below Ennis Bridge to Ennis Lake starting March 1st 2016.

The fishing on the Madison River has been exelent,

So if you like to catch fish this is the place to hit a home run.The water around Raynolds Pass Bridge is getting a work out with people fishing there every day, so have a plan B to fall back on. Expect to see lot’s of Midge activity and trout eating on the surface on most days. The nymph fishing is even better, using all the regular Midge patterns, attractor patterns , and small rubber leg stone fly patterns.

So if you are on a ski trip and need your Fly Fishing FIX

We can make it happen, just pick up the phone and call Wild Trout Outfitters and we will do what we do best (PUT PEOPLE ON FISH). Don’t forget to pinch your barbs down and practice catch and release, just love them and leave them in the river.


Red Copper John # 18, Tungsten Zebra Midge Black and Red # 18, Ribbed Midge Black # 16 &18. Little Green Machine P.T. # 18 , C.D.C. Pheasant Tail Bead #18, Gray and Olive RS-2 #18 & # 20, Hogans S & M Olive # 18, Tungsten Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail # 18. Silver Lightning Bugs #18, Dirty Bird Rust # 16, Red 3$ dip # 16, Blooms Soft Hackle #18, Brown Rubber legs # 8, and egg patterns.


Midge Adult Black # 18, Para Adams # 18 & 16, Griffiths Gnat # 18 & # 20. Miracle Midge Red and Black # 20, Stillborn Midge # 20, C.D.C. Midge Adult Black # 18.


Olive Flash Bugger # 8 & #10, Zonker Natural # 6 , Bow River Bugger Olive & Black White Head.# 6 , Silvey’s Sculpin Black # 2, Morrish Olive # 4.


The Yellowstone River low and slow but is fishing well at 1,110 c.f.s. near Livingstone and that is  c.f.s. below the 89 year average.

For the nymph fisher lately the Pats’ Rubber legs has been the ticket.

With a small brightly colored attractor pattern for a dropper/stinger. Fish all the likely places. So you should pay careful attention to the riffle’s at the tail end of the pools. As the river starts to pour over into some deeper water. Lots of trout are looking up for midges and blue-winged olives.So for the dry fly fisher this can produce some nice fish.The Streamer bite has been sporadic lately, you can have a great time throwing some big streamers. Try Zonkers and Bow River Buggers in the afternoon and evening.


Pats’ Rubber legs, Tungsten Zebra Midge Black and Red # 18, Ribbed Midge Black # 16 &18. Lightning Bug Silver and Gold #16 & #18, Mega Prince # 6 & #8. Grey and Olive Soft Hackle # 14,Gray and Olive RS-2 #18 & # 20, Hersey RS2 # 20.


Midge Adult Black # 18 , Para Adams # 18 & #16, C.D.C. Midge Adult Black # 18.  Parachute Hare’s Ear # 16 & # 18, Irresistible Adams # 18.


Zonker White # 2 & # 4, Bow River Bugger Olive & Black # 6 & 4, Silvey’s Sculpin Black # 2, Silvey’s Olive/Black # 2



2016 Fishing License Fee increase

Montana’s 2016 hunting and fishing license’s are under a new fee structure passed by the Montana state legislature. Licenses will be available at all Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and license outlets. This year hunters must purchase a new “base hunting license” that is a prerequisite to buying any state hunting license. The $10 resident license includes the hunting access enhancement fee that was charged separately for $2 last year. The new base hunting license was created in lieu of adjusting license fees for individual species. A season-long Montana resident fishing license will increase by $3 this year to $21. Fishing licenses will no longer be sold in combination with a conservation license  which is required for any hunting or fishing license purchase.

The price of a resident conservation license will remain at $8 for all ages.

So under the new structure, most licenses that were free or discounted in 2015 will be charged at half of the standard license cost. Previously, free licenses or a variety of discounted prices were offered to some youth, seniors and disabled sportsmen. In 2016, only military recognition and block management cooperator combination licenses will remain free. FWP is reimbursed by the state general fund for military recognition licenses and block management cooperators provide hunting opportunities for all sportsmen. Starting Feb. 1, the new fee structure will standardize the definition of youth as those between 12 and 17 years old. This language replaces a number of age categories. The price of all other resident tags, licenses, drawing fees and permits will remain the same as in 2015.

Nonresident Conservation License ($10) plus a Montana Fishing License: • $25 for 2 consecutive calendar days, $56.00 for 10 consecutive calendar days or $86 for season •