2 Hour Fishing Trip / Montana Dream

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Montana dream fishing trip. So if you don’t have the time for a half day wade trip. This is a two hour trip on the Gallatin River right in our back yard. The trip itself is focused more on casting instruction. With an emphasis on terminology and mechanics along with line control. The Montana dream is a perfect trip for the family on the go that wants to try a little of everything. From the very young to the very old this trip is fun for all and a great introduction to fly casting, knot tying, stream entomology and wading safety.

We limit this trip to 3 anglers per guide so as to insure quality and enjoyment for all participants. This mini trip is about family and fun while getting a great introduction to the “Quiet Sport of fly fishing” that could last a lifetime. All the fishing equipment is included on this trip. All you need is a fishing license and 2 hours to try this trip. The minimum license in Montana is one day. Anyone 12 years of age or older needs a fishing license in order to legally fish in Montana.

For a Non-resident (12 years or older) a 1-day is the minimum fishing license available in Montana. This includes $14.00 for the fishing license,  $10.00 for the conservation license and $7.50 for the  ( AIS ) aquatic invasive species pass. All in your 1-day fishing License will be  $31.50. If you want you can add additional days for $14.00 to make a two day license.  $73.50 for 5 days, and $117.50 for a season (these prices include the $10 conservation license and and $7.50 aquatic invasive species pass). They can be purchased easily on line   Visit Montana Fish and Wildlife to obtain a license.

Montana Dream Casting Instruction 1 to 3 Anglers: 

The Montana dream
Montana Dream
2 Hour Casting Instruction
1 Angler2 Anglers3 Anglers
Gallatin River$400$450
($225 each)
$ 550
($183.33 each)