Montana Wade/Walk Trips

Enjoy one of our classic Walk/Wade guided fishing trips.

Enjoy the Madison or Gallatin River for one of our classic Walk/Wade guided fishing trips. We offer full day Walk/Wade trips (with tasty lunch provided)  on the Gallatin  and  the Madison River.  We also offer half day Walk/Wade trips (morning, afternoon or evening) on the Gallatin River. These trips are great for anglers of all skill levels. If you are interested in learning to fly-fish, our veteran professional guides are eager to share their knowledge with you.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain confidence in areas such as casting, knot tying, stream entomology and wading safety. Stream side instruction on topics such as western nymph fishing, streamer fishing and reading the drift and line control. So will help you fine tune a particular technique or explore some new water. This  kind of trip is a great way to get started and gain the confidence you need on your next fly fishing adventure in our Big Sky Country.

“The pleasure was all mine. I had a great time. I will see you next year or maybe this October on the Missouri River with the jet boat. Thank you again for two days of fishing and a great time.”

Manuel PintoQuality Experience
Wade/Walk Trips
Full Day1 Angler2 Anglers3 Anglers
Gallatin River$550/day$600/day$700/day
Madison River$600/day$650/day$750/day
Yellowstone National Park$625/day$675/day$775/day
Spring Creek Trips$600/day (rod fee additional)$650/day (rod fee additional)$750/day (rod fee additional)
Wade/Walk Trips
Half Day1 Angler2 Anglers3 Anglers
Gallatin River$400/day$450/day$550/day